Freedom Fly

See the paintings by Grace, listen to the song of how one young girl, Pari, escaped from her prison.

Follow up to “Setting a Caged Bird Free”

What is your story… your real story; who you are, your anatomy, your character, your fears, your anxieties? Are you locked in a cage or a prison? That bird —your own spirit, longs to and needs to fly; to spread its wings and be all that it was meant to be. Your purpose for being created is important. A reason to live, a reason to fly; that’s you —not a random microbe that went BANG!

I dream of flying; what about you? I desire to put away all fears; all worries —and step into purpose. Pari saw Jesus. All fear disappeared and she longed to be with him in Heaven. Then heaven opened up to display her crown; to be done with her body of bondage.

Listen to the song while you read its words below:

Click here for the song:

She Saw Jesus

by Frieda McRae @2009

One life in God made complete; composed by God, her destiny,
fingerprints uniquely owned and matched with those in heaven;
In His image she was fully found;
heaven opened up to display a crown, heaven opened up to display her crown.

No more disappointed tears; no more warring mortal fear;
In her eyes, so full of hope; she saw Jesus, she saw home,
She saw Jesus and he took her home.

Heaven… Heaven… Heaven… Heaven…
For those who seek completion in him, it’s still a long road and a fight to win.
When we reach the finish line, we too will see Jesus and win our fight;
freed in his embrace, to meet life.

When in his image we are fully found,
Heaven opens up to display our crowns;
And in his image, she was fully found;
Heaven opened up to display her crown; Heaven opened up to display her crown.

She saw Jesus; she saw home; she saw Jesus and he took her home
She wanted Jesus; she wanted life, so…
He called Pari to paradise; He carried her over the finish line.

Heaven, Heaven… Jesus, Jesus… Heaven, Heaven … Jesus, Jesus

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