Frieda McRae

I am ABOUT to explode. There could be quite a mess. On the other hand, it could be an epic explosion that scatters “good stuff” in its aftermath. Perhaps my stories, recordings, thoughts and poems are not extraordinary, but if you want to know ABOUT me, I’m not ordinary. I have regular volcanic eruptions of words and songs. I write. I sing. And if I don’t, I will explode. So, I do.

A well-meaning friend once gave me some advice. “Frieda, you need to understand that it’s you who writes your songs, don’t blame God.” That comment stood out in my memory. I knew it was not totally true because my songs speak to me and tell me things I don’t know. They inspire me. And not only that, I unashamedly declare my songs beautiful because I’m not bragging about myself, but about Him, the Inspiration.

A few months ago Psalm 23 struck a deep chord in my heart. I had to put it to music. It spoke to me. I recorded it to memorialize the valley of death I’d recently walked through. A friend told me, “Your recording is so bad that I just can’t listen to it! It hurts my ears too much!” Okay, that hurt. But I understood.

It was true. It was a poor quality recording. But when I wrote the song I was physically and mentally wounded. I was in distress. The recording cried, exactly as I did. The song was in distress, just as I was.

When I listen to that horrible recording I remember how much I hurt, and hope someone else gains strength from my weakness. I hope people in pain or despair hear the message of HOPE in my song—the hope that expels us from the valley of death. “When I’m weak, He is strong.”

The relationship between me and my website is very competitive. I’m trying to get one story written every week. My website taunts me, saying, “Frieda will never manage that many stories, and further, she is racing against her life’s time-line to write everything wrapped up in her heart.” That’s true, I may not reach my goal. Before I reach the end of my race I want to share as many stories as possible, lest I be rebuked at the gate. “Hey! What are you doing here? Get back to work!”

Anyone can write a blog, it doesn’t make you noteworthy. But to write the “ABOUT” is giving recognition where it belongs: in the portion of my cup God occupies. It’s not ABOUT me.

However, if you’re still curious:

  • Female, age 68
  • Granny of 11 (couldn’t find a photo with all of them)
  • Grew up in Elkhart, Indiana, USA.
  • Faced an overload of trauma in my teens, so I…
  • Became a hippy and went to India.
  • Jesus was waiting for me there.
  • And so was another hippy, Yip.
  • I married and have 5 married children living in 5 different countries.
  • Life changed forever. I stayed in India and we have over hundred children.

That’s me. Frieda. That’s Yip. (Ken)