Luke 8:21

A musical interpretation of the three part story: A Sad Story

Listen to the song as you read the words below. It is the musical follow-up dedicated to children across the world who are forced into work, some who become garbage-pickers in order to eat and feed their family. But, Jesus said,

“You are my family, you who hear God’s word and do it.
I have no mother and I have no brother,
But them who love to follow God’s word.”

Read the three-part story:  A Sad Story

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Jesus Said

Poor little child left all alone
Left in the cold without a coat
Without someone to keep you warm
Poor little child, we wish you weren’t born!

We have a mother; she looks after us
We have our brothers they’re a very fine bunch
We live together in a warm little house
And you are the child who will die untouched.

Yes, poor little children you live far and near
We see you on the news
And on our street corner, too
Your world won’t have you, we have the world
Our world wants us, in fact, we are the world!

We are the world, the voice that goes forth
We are the judges a new truth we force
We are the ones to step in God’s place
To create a utopia for the whole human race, oh!

Jesus said you are my family
You who hear God’s word and do it
I have no mother and I have no brother
But them who love to follow God’s word
It is they who are my mother and my brother
It is they who are my family.

Children’s voices singing: Jesus said…

यीशु ने कहा, वह मेरा परिवार
जो वचन को सुनते और करते हैं।
मेरी ना माँ ना है कोई भाई।
वह जो खुदा को मानते हैं।
वह ही मेरी माँ, वह ही मेरा भाई, वह ही है मेरा परिवार हैं।

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Beautiful and meaningful song, expressing the truth about so many children in our country and around the world. Praise God for the followers of God’s Word who care for such children and provide a loving home!

Yes Jesus’s true relatives are those who hear and obey his words When we are given an opportunity to fulfill this we have to and you are a witness to have done His will to these children

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