I write songs, it’s my worship, that’s why I always feel they are very good.

The setting that made me feel
Just plain…


I stepped outside onto the cement porch. It was a wintery day and I took a breath of fresh, cold morning air. My view looked directly upon the orchard, which was wrapped in a beautiful heavenly mist. Was it heavenly, or was more of this world? The fog lying on the orchard reminded me of the gloom and darkness, that for years, had settled as a weight over my life. But on the other hand, its mystical loveliness compelled me to feel awestruck. The years I spent groping in the darkness were not for attaining satisfaction —that had never been my quest. What I chased after wasn’t the pursuit of happiness. It was truth —God. Although the scene in front of me was a cloud, I now walked in sunshine. Early mornings were a stroll with God. I could walk in the mist, I could walk along a cliff, and —whether or not I literally did these things, it hardly mattered. I am SATISFIED.

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I’d forgotten how good your music was – love your voice!!!! How can we get hold of more of your music?

Dear Frieda,
So happy to be able to get to know you more deeply through hearing your stories and songs. Your comment about truth, got me thinking… when life is most exciting and satisfying is when truth/God is present. Thank you!

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