The Accidental Poem

Animal Poems for Children

Animal Poems For Children

By Simyana & Granny Frieda

Copyright 2022, Winchester Kentucky

The Accidental Poem
~by Simyana

The Bumbled Bee
~by Simyana

The Sloth
~by Simyana and Granny

The slow sloth slimmered snickily
Over the brickly brothing branch
It peered nose up and sniffed the air
Slammed against a sticky snare
“What,” It asked, “is that?”

The Deer Poem
~by Simyana

The dancing deer daintily doffed her darling dress
She danced for Moonlight
Who watched her dainty moves
and made lunar noises
So, the jungle animals could not snore.

The Woodpecker
~by Simyana and Granny

~by Simyana and Granny

~by Simyana and Granny

The Panda bear (so panda-wick)
Was named Bunny.
Once he met a bunny, so funny,
That he rolled on his side and laughed so hard
Bunny (the panda-wick) couldn’t get up.

~by Simyana and Granny

There was a little boy on a porch with his snack.
On the tree a monkey studied carefully
his plate of cookies.
The monkey thought loudly, “That would be good.”
And swung deftly down the branch
and landed PLOP on the boy’s head.
The boy looked up and saw on his head
A monkey upside down.
He smiled and said, “Here, have a cookie.”
And soon they were friends.

~by Simyana and Granny

The armadillo has 4 legs and armour.
Even if a lion attacks,
It remains strong and continues slowly to amble along.
When problems rise against you in life
And you weakly amble along.
Remember that God is invisible armour,
Steady, ready, strong.
The ambling armadillo; a good reminder.
Thanks God.

Noah’s Ark
~by Simyana and Granny

Mama and papa animals went into the ark
The kangaroos were not from a zoo
They carried babies in pockets; two by two.
The doggies barked, rounding up sheep.

The camels couldn’t sleep a wink.
Donkeys brayed quite unafraid
While fearsome lions lay quite tame.

Penguins in tuxedo’s, bats wore capes,
Noah stood and gazed at the animal parade.
He bent over and laughed at God’s funny display.

A Zebra Haiku
~by Simyana and Granny

up and down,
Sounds like 
a kazoo.

~by Simyana and Granny

There was a skunk named Sticky
Who lived under my house
One dark night while we all slept
We awoke with such a bad smell
Baby cried, “WAAAAA!”
Brother yelled, “Dad!”
Sister looked sad,
And mother went mad!
Everyone together cried,
“It’s Sticky!”

Field Mouse
~by Simyana and Granny

I once saw a field mouse
Fat and fast
Roly-poly in a knoll
Tumbled off into the grass
Whiskers lying down.

~by Simyana and Granny
( Simmy’s 6-year old cousin, Quintin, felt this poem was exceptional!)

Jiggy the Giraffe jumped high
In his jiggling jumpers
His long neck and bambling legs jammed the streets
With giraffe spots
Hopped up on to a cloud
Down, down he fell into his giraffe home.

~by Simyana and Granny

Monkey: “Simyana is such a poet. She will soon have a shelf full of her poetry books. Do you think Granny will be writing with her?”

Sloth: “Na, Granny is fun, but I think Simmy will do just fine on her own.

“Simmy, don’t worry. Me and Brownie are keeping shelves for all your new poetry additions. Keep up the good work.”

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