The Amazing Asha

Asha and Granny; a conversation.

A conversation; Asha and Granny

There was a little girl called Asha. She was also known as Ella Bella. She was very cute and could dance like a ballerina. But sometimes Asha did funny things. Her parents didn’t know why.

Click here to see the Snow Ballerina, Asha, who was born in India and grew up in Selaqui, a small village where it never snows and there’s no need of coats.

Her Mama and Daddy loved her so much.

That’s why they took her for some tests.

Allergy tests! Yuck!!!!

Bad news for Asha! The tests confirmed that she had many food sensitivities. Now she had to eat differently than her family. That is not very fun.

I asked Asha, “How does that make you feel?”

“It makes me feel bad.

Then Asha turned and asked me, “How does it make you feel when your neck doesn’t bend?”

Asha was very observant to ask me that question because I’d had a big operation. Since then, my neck doesn’t bend. I have to wear a stiff neck collar that makes me look very funny. And it hurts.

“Oh! Asha, that is a thoughtful question to ask Granny. I think you understand what it is to be different. Yes, it doesn’t feel very good. It hurts.”

“Then you know,” said Asha, “how it is to have all the allergies and have to be different.”

“Asha,” I said, “I have noticed you have quite a good attitude. How do you remain happy about what you can’t eat?”

“That’s a hard question, but I know the answer,” laughed Asha. “God gave me a present of self-discipline. I don’t like to eat differently, but I can do it because of the present he gave me.”

“Wow! That is too good, Asha! I’ve never heard anyone say that and lots of people have different problems who need that gift of self-discipline! I’m going to have to ask God for that gift too.”

“Granny, you’re being silly. God already gave you that gift. You have self- discipline! Everyone has that gift cause God gave it to us all when He created us! It’s just that sometimes we don’t use the gift.”

“Asha, that must be true. Did you ever think of what would happen if we didn’t have self-discipline?”

“Yeah, Granny. We’d all eat tons of junk food that isn’t good for us. We’d watch movies that make us think bad things or give us scary dreams.”

Asha had a thoughtful look. “If I didn’t have self-discipline, I would be wild! Eating things my body doesn’t like makes me wild. I would be a wild thing! But, because of the gift God gave me, even when it’s not fun for me, I eat what my body needs because it helps me be who I REALLY am.

My Daddy says I’m a wonderful, sweet, girl—that’s who I am.”

“Asha, my Ella Bella, you are a smart girl. You are eight and already know that you are special. God made us all unique. Everyone has their unique talents and also their unique problems. You are the one and only Asha the world has. Your fingerprints confirm that. I am a one-of-a-kind Granny. You have your talents, and I have mine. You have your limitations and I have mine. And when we really understand that God made us and loves us, we are thankful … not just for WHO we are, but HOW we are.”

“Granny, God is my hero and he rescued me.”

“What a beautiful thought! And you are the beautiful thought that God had when He made you. You are perfect.”

“Granny, I love you.”

“I love you, Ella Bella. Please sing me the thought God gave you.”

Click here for on-the-spot song “He rescued me”

—Asha sings in 3-part harmony.

Asha by Granny

Granny by Asha and her sister … and Granny

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