A Forest Visit

Treasures on my wall tell a story.
This story is for my Aunt Katy
Who was passionate about nature and children,
and of course; butterflies.
No one expected a retired 4th grade math teacher
to explode with such amazing artistic talent!

Every morning, the children would take a ride in their carriage.

They always went to the same place — to the colourful wonderful mysterious forest.

It may seem to you that the children hugged trees. Some people do. They didn’t.

They did something different.

They played hide-and-go-seek with the forest creatures.

They would put their faces against a tree so that they couldn’t cheat or see anything.

They would be very quiet and just listen to the forest.

Sure enough.

Tina the Turtle soon arrived.

Ernie the Eagle never played.

For an eagle, Ernie had a very big ego;

he considered himself King of the forest.

So, he didn’t play. He patrolled.

But he loved to patrol high up in the tree.

Betsy the Bug never failed to show up.

The children were very careful not to step on her.

When they came to the forest, they always brought a gift for Skitty.

Otherwise, Skitty was very moody and wouldn’t come out to play.

He was always terribly hungry… and maybe a bit greedy,

He always stashed the nut in his cupboard for the winter.

Hello Rocky.

He loves to play.

He and his two sisters are very shy.

Meet Rocky and his sister Rani.

They immediately hung their faces out of the tree.

Then out popped the youngest, Rinky.

All very playful, but very shy…

they never failed to stick their noses out.

The children’s imagination flew fly and flewnt!

Yes, their imaginations were getting crazy,

But they had such a good time with their friends.

The sun was shinny so high in the sky,

The forest sounds pounded like a drummer urging them onward.

Flying Colours of the Rainbow…

indeed her name was very long, preferred to be called by her whole name. She felt it was appropriate for her queenly manner.

She would fly around everyone… looking her beautiful self, landing on their heads, and tried in her own way to remind them of the beauty of the forest; radiating its natural colours.

She would make them look up at the sky, down at the ground,
and all around.

When Flying Colours of the Rainbow came, the forest and the earth and the sky all came alive.

The children learned about butterflies from Aunt Katy, who had a cocoon farm. She loved butterflies and moths. She had acres of trees draped in nets to keep her cocoons safe.

As the forest grew dark, the children grew tired and hungry.

It was time to say goodbye to their friends and head home.

The horses were also ready to go home.

An apple and some hay would be waiting for them

It was the end of another Happy Cane Day.



All of these creatures live on a cane that hangs on the wall in my house that Aunt Katy made for me.

The horses live in her painting, and continue to pull the carriage every morning without fail.

I’m so glad Aunt Katy retired so I could find all the stories hidden in her art.
Math is okay, but art is best.

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