I’m an Artist

Joel may have been a musician.

I’m an artist. I draw.
I wish I painted.
I’m a writer. I write stories and thoughts.
I wish I wrote books.
I’m a composer. I write songs and love them
even if no one else likes them.
I’m a musician. I love instruments..
Especially expensive ones.
I’m not a perfectionist.
I’m not professional or even good at any of those things.

I do best at just being part of my family. See my happy children on the beach?
I read the Bible to grow in love and life.
I fill my spot at God’s banquet. It’s a great family.
I know Jesus was born in Bethlehem, died, and was resurrected.
How do I know he’s alive? I met him.
I know him.
I’ve read the bible again and again.
Some parts are hard to understand—like the book of Joel.
So, I found a study book on Joel. Wow!
That helped me, and now I can explain Joel—my way.
I’m no scholar or theologian.
Like I said, I’m an artist.
I interpret things like an artist, and musician, and writer… even Joel.
Listen to the song, maybe it will help you understand the book of Joel.
I think my song explains it rather well.

Rend Your Heart

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