Jamun Tree

I ate them all.


Publishing and Illustration
By Omi Kumar

One evening I was going to play.
एक शाम मैं खेलने जा रहा था।

I ran so fast to the jamun tree.
मैं इतनी तेजी से जामुन के पेड़ की ओर दौड़ा।
I couldn’t reach any jamun.
मैं किसी जामुन तक नहीं पहुँच सका।
I needed a bucket and a ladder.

मुझे बाल्टी और सीढ़ी चाहिए थी।
I called Ashutosh Bhaiya.
मैं आशुतोष भैया के लिए चिल्लाया।

Ashutosh got a ladder and……
आशुतोष को मिली सीढ़ी और……

I got the bucket.
मुझे बाल्टी मिल गई।

He put the ladder against the tree.
उसने सीढ़ी को पेड़ से लगा दिया।

He got lots of jamun and filled my bucket.
उसने ढेर सारे जामुन लाए और मेरी बाल्टी भर दी।

I ate them all.
मैंने उन सभी को खा लिया।

I can’t believe she ate them all!
मुझे विश्वास नहीं हो रहा है कि उसने सब खा लिया!

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20 replies on “Jamun Tree”

Such a Lovely story! The conversation between Naomi and you is Just so adorable! Love your good hard laugh about ‘I ate them all’….

What a lovely story! I so enjoyed hearing it read in the author’s voice and seeing her illustrations! Great to hear Friedas voice too!

It is such a beautiful story and added a feather when the writer Naomi herself has narrated in her own melodious voice. Frieda ma”am”s cute questionig seasoned it more !!!
I really enjoyed listening and imagining it.
Lots of live and hugs to Naomi

That was an amazing story.. loved it.. and I still remember that Jamun tree. I once fells off it.. Frieda aunty hearing your voice took me back the memory lane to the years when you used to teach Christmas songs in the school.. Loved it all.


So sweet, 1 of many to come. I love the laughs at the end. It was good to hear both of these special people.

I like the way , oami says shubham bhahiya kept asking soo many times .
That’s true , I did 😁😁😁 , but she always made sure , that she counted it before she gave the jamuns to me.
but yes it was such good moments with oami …….

Well this is definitely one of the sweetest story I keep coming back to. Thanks for the audio to, love hearing princess Omi’s sweet voice.
It melts my heart everytime I hear and read.

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