The Thought

Is the world made of matter or of what matters?

By guest thinker, writer, and illustrator, my granddaughter, Joshna Kumar.

The Thought:

“I was thinking about how my brother, Vijay, connected simple, every-day examples with God. He does it so easily and his examples make sense. As I was thinking, suddenly, a thought came to me on June 6th, 2021, on a Saturday night. I was already in my bed trying to go to sleep. I had this thought. I started thinking about a tap…

But a tap needs other parts to make anything happen… so my thought went further.

A tap, a pipe, and a well. Connecting pieces, like a puzzle, that fit together.

The tap connects to a pipe, the pipe connects to a well. But these connecting pieces are useless on their own, or together, without water, the Source.

To use this example in life, we, are the tap. A tap can be turned on, allowing the Source of life-giving water to flow to many people. The Source, drawn from the well, is a holding place for the Source’s inextinguishable love. The pipe connects us to the Source of love, which is God.

Our connection to the Source, to God, could be the Bible, listening to music, our personal relationships—anything that connects us deeply to God and his never-ending love.

Sometimes we may be having a strong and easy relationship with God, but sometimes our pipe gets bent, has angles, coils, and ups and downs. Sometimes our pipe leaks, or is clogged with dirt (like bad thoughts or a million other mucky stuff). We need to continuously throw out the dirt so it doesn’t contaminate the clean water, preventing the tap from releasing the Source’s pure water.”

Granny’s thoughts interrupted The Thought.

She loosened her collar and gasped, “Is this theologian really my granddaughter? Then Granny gave Joshna a piece of her mind:

“Pipes do have their many ups and downs, just like all of us have in life. The light grows dim when you look through a bent, dirty pipe. God also had a great thought way back in the beginning. He thought, “I’ll create light and water first.” He understood people needed them, just like they need Him, The Source.”

Joshna smiled cooperatively, and continued to expand on her Thought:

“So, returning to simple life examples (and I hope to impress my brother, Vijay), we are the tap and can give water to many people. If the well is full of water, but our taps haven’t been turned on, we are defeating our perfectly planned purpose. When turned to “on,” we are conduits and others can benefit from us, free to fill slowly or all at once. We open our tap up and are filled to overflowing with The Source. We have plenty to share. When needed, God straightens the pipe, fixes the leak, and cleans out the dirt. The tap, the pipe, and the well have a perfectly planned purpose. To share the Source, God’s love.”

8 replies on “The Thought”

This is a great thought Joshna, and so very true because unless each part does what it is supposed to do then the whole system does not work.
Keep up the good work. I hope we will hear more from you some day soon.

Joshna, send me something else you’ve written, but don’t show it to that gimcracky granny of yours first (who is my sister) 🙂
auntyji Suzy

Love this! Great illustrations and thoughts!! Keep sharing them with that wacky grandma of yours so she can post more. 🙂 Love you Joshna and Happy Birthday from your Auntie Shovs 🙂

Joshna, it was already a blessing to hear it directly from you and now I’m much more thankful that I get to read this parable of yours over and over. Thanks to your awesome Dadi!!
Hoping that I get to hear and read more from you. Don’t ever stop asking God for more thoughts and visions.
And once you get it do share, for it gives life to you and others more than a breath of oxygen.

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